Top Email Marketing & Social Media Integration Strategy

Wondering how to best seamlessly integrate email marketing and multiple social media platforms?

Getting each side to support and benefit from the other should always be a priority. You want to make it easy, tempting and worthwhile for your fans to cross over from one side to another, with traffic going both ways. The goal is to get both your email marketing and social media pulling in the same direction – toward converting fans into customers. This infographic explains how to do it right.


Small Business Branding Checklist

With so many other tasks on their plate, small business owners tend to dismiss branding as unimportant. Effective branding, however, can go a long way in distinguishing your business from its competition, growing your business, and ultimately retaining customers. Check out 99designs’ small business branding checklist for 8 essential tips on building your brand to kick-start your efforts!


How to Measure Internal Doors

This infographic is going to benefit all DIY enthusiasts who are happy to install their own doors. While not everyone who enjoys DIY is an expert, it becomes all the more important for those who may be installing their first internal doors to offer them some help. Doordeals, an internal and external doors manufacturer has created an infographic for that very purpose. A visual map for you to refer to that explains how to measure the internal door while installing a new one or replacing an old one.


History of Traffic Cones

How The Traffic Cone Became One of America’s Most Iconic Inventions

The traffic cone is one of the few devices legally fit for public roads. Officials rely on it for temporary modifications: to separate and merge lanes, mark pedestrian paths, indicate potholes, and block-off roadside construction. Yet, this wildly successful innovation wasn’t a feat of meticulous engineering – it was the brainchild of a Los Angeles road worker and a local shop operator. Today, cones are sprinkled throughout the United States and beyond. They mark sports fields, police zones, private driveways, and even public restrooms! Over the years, improvements in industrial manufacturing and the development of federal safety policies helped the humble cone rise to international prominence.To learn even more, head on over to the Traffic Safety Store here.


The Rise of E Commerce

It is undeniable that e-commerce has grown exponentially over the past 5 years as shops and retailers keep up with the digital and modern age whereby British consumers would rather order online with a few clicks instead of heading out to the high street.

This infographic created by Boothby Taylor looks at the effect that the rise in e-commerce has had on the British high street.


Craft The Perfect Beer Label With These Design Tips!

With the beer industry booming, not only does your beer have to appeal to the taste buds, it’s also got to appeal to the eyes. So how do you make your beer stand out on the shelf amongst its competition? 99designs’ newest infographic emphasizes key design tips for that perfect beer label for your beloved brew.


St. Patrick’s Day!

St. Patrick’s Day is just a few days away, and to get in the spirit, here is everything you need to know to have the best St. Patrick’s Day. From learning how to cook up the best Corned Beef & Cabbage, to pouring the perfect pint of Guinness, your St. Paddy’s day will be filled with food, and fun.

For those who are looking for a place to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day, you can go to Chicago to watch as they dye the Chicago River green with vegetable dye, or to Boston to see the oldest St. Patrick’s Day Parade or head on over to New York City to be one of the 2 million spectators.

Last, but not least, if you have a wee bit of Irish luck and come across the Leprechaun’s pot o’gold be careful. You may find millions of dollars in Gold, but you’ll have to pay taxes on it, and have an angry Leprechaun after you. Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

Thanks Liberty Tax Services for sharing this awesome St. Patty’s Day infographic with us! Don’t forget to wear green on Monday everyone, so you don’t get pinched :)


Valentines Day Gifting

It’s supposedly the most romantic day of the year which means gifts a-plenty and cupid’s arrows on auto-fire. But whether its finger bling or flowers, have you ever wondered what it all means? And more importantly, in the cross-pond battle of the sexes, who spends the most in the pursuit of lurrve? Check out this Valentines Day Infographic by FitFlop for the full scoop!


How Green Initiatives Helped Form Today’s Paint

When it comes to buying paint today, you can rest assured knowing that harmful contaminants are nearly non-existent, thanks to Low VOC and Zero VOC (organic compound under 5 grams per liter). Not only have paint producers become more responsible, so too have painter and homeowners alike, by properly disposing of or donating unused paint and recycling containers. Check out this infographic created by CBP of Arizona to learn more!


How to Prepare your Boat for Winter

The winter season is upon us, and if you haven’t taken your boat out of the water yet then it’s likely time to do so. But storing your boat for the winter isn’t as simple as pulling it out of the water and hauling it into your backyard. Both winter weather conditions and long periods of storage can put wear and tear on your boat, and can end up causing your boat to require costly repairs and painstaking maintenance once spring and summer roll back around. The following infographic details the steps you can take to ensure that your boat is prepared for its time in storage during these winter months.